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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm in Grayson, SK.

No offence to the people of Grayson, or rural Saskatchewan, but I didn't know this place existed.

There's so much to small town Canada that I had no idea about. I was pumping gas and a random local from Grenfell smiled and waved at me. I was at a 4 way stop in Regina and even though I was on the left, and had come to a complete stop way after the guy to my right, I was waved through a stop sign by an adorable elderly gentleman. The lineup at the bank moves a little slower, and it takes awhile to get a latte but overall, things are a-okay around these parts ;)

i wish everyone could keep a small town in their heart. this worls would be so much kinder. A little slower, but kinder.

I love being on tour. It is the best thing in the universe ever. I love how every night is so different. And you're so tired but you gotta persevere and get to the next show, and then kill it. Or, at least try.

i guess since we last talked i've played in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Regina. I am just amazed at how much of a difference people and their "moods" play on people's reality. All it takes is one grumpy sound guy, waitress or promoter and my whole day is thrown off haha. Thankfully, Winnipeg had just the right combination of awesome promoter, sound guy and staff. They treated me so great and the Park Theatre is just an amazing venue. Saskatoon was great cause I got to see my ol pal Ryan Drabble, who surprised me when he ended up being the sound guy. Then there's the Canadian touring staple of Regina, Nathan and Crystal. If you're brave enough to tour Canada, there are a few things you're bound to run in to if you become a repeat of those things is running in to some of the Canadian tour staples such as Drabble and Nathan and Crystal. Pretty much every time I'm in Saskatchetario I end up staying with these amazing people and not only do they put ya up for the night, but they offer to feed ya and send ya off with a care package lol.

K, I think I should hang out with the locals of Grayson and try to make some friends ;)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uniter Interview

Bloggy blog blog blog

Rob at Kal Tire is a god.

Can I say that?

We went in to fix the tire that was making a weird noise on the highway and ended up finding a pretty serious problem with the coolant. A leak, actually.

Not only did Rob stay until EIGHT PM, two hours after they are supposed to be closed and he’s supposed to be home with his family, but he just so happens to have 15 years experience repairing Volkswagons.

Are we lucky, or are we lucky?

So many things could have gone wrong. I knew as soon as I started seeing the number 32 all the way down the highway in every situation possible that we would be okay. See, I have a rather weird thing that I adopted from a friend years ago. Seeing the number 32 means everything will be ok. I don’t tell a lot of people this, because I will likely get committed to the nearest insane asylum. I also believe wholeheartedly that the appearance of said number could be, entirely, the most amazing, wide-spread coincidence of my life.

At any rate, we made it to Kal Tire safe and sound, and were promptly informed that it’s a good thing the tire was making a noise!

After Kal Tire lent us their truck we got a bargain bin Hotel room and chilled out for a few. Then it was back to pick up The Greatest Car of All Time. Who tours in an ’87 VW Golf in Canada in January??? I do!!! :D

Seriously though…this car is amazing. Much Respect little guy!

The show was not the best attended of the batch but the merch ratio was sure up there…every single person in the crowd bought something! So awesome.

The Slice in Lethbridge is a pretty sweet venue, employees and all. There is something I will always have a profound love for…a venue with a pinball machine. That is truly how I gauge a good venue or a great venue. Also, something to be said for a place that will feed you, water you and put you up for the night. Much love The Slice!
Now I’m in the passenger seat on my way to Saskatoon. It’s a 7 hour drive so I’m happy to get a bit of a break ☺

Really excited for Winnipeg. Then, we start heading West. Oh no! The beginning of the end! ;)

Til we meet again,


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One of my favourite interviews I've ever done

Thank you for Interviewing Billy the Kid!

Them Days


Well, it’s been one of those days.

One of those…”tour” days.

In every other sense, I’ve been incredibly lucky the past few days. After the Edmonton show, we got 4 hours sleep at Dani Jean’s house (well, we were in beds for 4 hours…I’m not sure how much sleep I got though).

6am wakeup call then it was off to Swift Current, SK. Not only was it a crazy snow blizzard, but it was also one of those days where you lose an hour traveling :/

The roads were brutal but we made it in one piece. And the show more than made up for it.

Did you know that Swift Current has an amazing arts community and is filled to the brim with incredibly kind supporters of the arts? Shan, who put on the show, has been putting on shows in her area for years because she “loves music and had to bring the music to her”. Her family is also a big part of it, helping out with merch and organizing. It struck me as incredibly cool to be part of an upbringing where your Mom puts on shows and you’re part of the crew ☺ What an awesome lady.

I really didn’t know what to expect from the show but it was one of THE coolest shows I have ever played…

First of all, it was in an art gallery. After I played, artist extraordinaire David Geary brought all in attendance on a tour of the gallery, and explained in depth his pieces. I was SO fascinated. David is an extremely well spoken artist with a vast knowledge of his field and craft. This particular group of work was inspired by Russian government sponsored War-era ads, applied in the language of Saskatchewan politics!!! He basically put a modern spin on all this cool wartime propaganda. I was so impressed. I’ve always been a little fascinated with communism (more so the working class, actually) and his take on making these pieces applicable to today’s Saskatchewan was just awesome. I also have a soft spot for Saskatchewan (I have several songs written/inspired/mentioning this particular province) so it was that much more interesting to me ☺

I had played my first set then, in the middle of the tour, the power went out!!! Kinda cool, actually. I played my second set and, I will be honest…I felt a little bad…I was so tired (that whole “4 hours sleep, 8 hours drive in a snow storm thing) that by the end I was just out of it. I was even hallucinating! It was all I could do to just keep it together and get through the set. Then it made me really sad that the act of just GETTING to the show was so exhausting that I wasn’t able to perform to my fullest potential. Oh well….Shan said I could come back anytime, hopefully I can do better then…

After the show we headed back to the hotel and I was surprised to see there were TWO security guards in this hotel. I rarely see ONE security guard so I was impressed, and kinda thought it a little unnecessary, until one of the dudes had to chase down a whole PeeWee hockey to tell them to quit horsin’ around! Only in Swift Current ;)

Yesterday was a DAY OFF. Much needed! Normally I’m not a huge fan of DAYS OFF, but well, I haven’t been sleepin so good so this was just what the doctor ordered. I’m not gonna lie, I basically went on a CSI marathon. I’m not proud of it, but sometimes that’s the only thing to do during a snowstorm in Swift Current. Did I mention there was a snow storm?

“Blizzard Conditions”. That is what the weather channel called it. A big red screen and a warning not to drive. On the one hand, we sure picked the perfect day for a day off! On the other hand, it was…well, boring ;) If that’s the worst of your problems though, I guess…

A four hour drive to Lethbridge today and we discover that the wheel is making some kinda funny noise. Long story short, the wheel bearing is hooped. AND, the coolant pump thinger. So we went in to fix one thing and (thankfully) caught a second thing before it was too late (and before two 8 hour drives, one to Saskatoon and another to Winnipeg). That said, Aaron’s car has been AMAZING and for all it’s been through, I’m amazed! Good thing we caught it when we did.

The dudes at KalTire were total bros and let us borrow their truck for the night. AND, the guy is staying late to fix it!!! I knew today was a lucky day. Well, gonna go grab the gear then it’s another show. Hope to see ya out there,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Cool Press!

More neat-o reviews from my Tour

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tour - Day one


On our way to Edmonton. Already! I can’t believe it’s already here…tour. I can’t believe it’s already happening, and I’m on the road AS WE SPEAK! Yep, Steve my partner in crime is driving and I’m here trying to process everything that has happen in the last two days.

We left Wednesday afternoon. There were some serious delays because I refused to drive without music, and had only recently discovered that the tape deck in out 1987 Volkswagon Golf DOES NOT WORK.

This might not be a catastrophe to some, but to me, it’s a seriously huge deal. You can’t go on tour in Western Canada with NO MUSIC!!!

We tried it all…iPod to cassette convertor, one of those iPod to radio signal convertors. Finally I ended up putting a new stereo system in my friend Aaron’s car.
Did I mention Aaron is letting me use his car to drive to Winnipeg in January? What a guy. Hi Aaron ☺

Everything is all good now. Listening to my friend Heather Waters as we drive on the 2 North. Yesterday was a seriously amazing time. I’m a little worried that I am already this tired and it’s only the second show haha! I had a late night getting ready and an early morning packing and running errands before we left. By the time we got to Calgary at about 1am, I was exhausted. I did get to sleep in a bit (something I haven’t done in months) and spent a large portion of the day practicing in the hotel. Very enjoyable.

When I say “practicing” I should say “Writing New Songs”. For me, one of my favourite things about tour is actually getting time to play music haha. I know, funny thing that. Every time I pick up my guitar to “rehearse” though, I end up writing something new. Hey, if that’s the worst of your problems…

I finished writing an actually happy song for my favourite person ever and then got to play it. That’s just a cool feeling…when something is fresh off the press, to get to try it out right then and there ☺

A couple cool things about this trip: I have an almost unlimited amount of documentation devices! I just got a little sound recorded thing that I’m gonna be singin’ new ideas in to after soundchecks and before show time. I also have a video camera, a still camera, this here laptop and a phone. So I will be in touch ;)

After my fun day of Remember My Songs In A Hotel Room, I met up with Brock from

We had such a great time hanging out, I’m so happy he asked me to be part of his video blog cause I think I made a friend for life. I got to try out my song at the Greyhound station after the security guards allowed us to film a video in the photo booth! :D I will post it here soon ☺

This morning before getting in the car I met up with Jessica from I don't think it could get any more awesome around here haha. We had an awesome vegan breakfast at The Coup and she asked me some very well thought out questions that will be in an interview on the internet sooon! :D

Calgary was great. Always great to be back there. Did I mention I lived there for two years? Saw some familiar faces but mostly, a lot of new faces! Both just as awesome ☺ Some people mentioned seeing me in Calgary with Raine and I’m very thankful they came out to see me again. Thank you for spending your hard earned dough to get me to the next city, and thanks Raine for taking me on tour with you so I could make all these new friends ☺

K! Talk soon,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coueple Neat-o Interviews

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Billy in...Kamloops?!

Kamloops show added to the Billy the Kid Tour! :D

Friday, January 15, 2010


2 More Ontario Shows

Saturday, March 6th

Bayfield Town Hall
Main Street, Bayfield, ON
All Ages/18+

Thursday, March 11th

Paddy Flaherty's Irish Pub
130 Seaway Road, Sarnia, ON
All Ages/18+

Keep up to date with the latest Billy the Kid tour info at

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Billy the Kid Tour 2010 Updated 01/16 *Kamloops Show Added, Kelowna Date Changed, Medicine Hat and 2 London Shows Added*

Hello friends. Here's the latest in tour dates. notice some start times, ticket info and venue web sites have been changed. Feel free to forward to friends :)

For booking inquiries please contact

Thursday, January 21st

Liberty Lounge
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary, AB T3E 6K6
Phone: (403) 440-6403

Friday, January 22nd

The Haven Social Club
15120 Stony Plain Road Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5P 3Y3
(780) 756-6010

Saturday, January 23rd

Gallery of Swift Current in the R.C. Dahl Centre
411 Herbert Street East, Swift Current, AB S9H 1M5
(306) 778-2736

Monday, January 25th

The Slice
314 8 Street South
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2J6
(403) 320-0117

Tuesday, January 26th

Amigo’s Cantina
632 10th Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7H 0G9
(306) 652-4912

Thursday, January 28th

Park Theatre
698 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, MB R3L 2B9
(204) 478-7275

Friday, January 29th

1947 Scarth Street
Regina, SK S4P 2H1
(306) 566-4094

Saturday, January 30th

Bar G Hotel
Railway Ave
Grayson, Saskatchewan S0A 1E0

Sunday, January 31st

Auditorium Hotel
2011 20th Avenue, Nanton, AB T0L 1R0
(403) 646-2746

Tuesday, February 2nd

Derailed Pub
403 North Railway Street Southeast
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 2Z3
(403) 528-3310

Thursday, February 4th

Track's Pub
1-4919 49 Avenue
Olds, AB T4H 1R7
(403) 556-6180

Friday, February 5th

The Dirty Jersey
1200 8th Street
(250) 376-3786
$8 Ticket
Doors 7:30
Show 8pm

Saturday, February 6th

UBC Kelowna
3333 University Way
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7
(250) 807-8000

Sunday, February 7th

The Railway Club
579 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1Y4
(604) 681-1625

Monday, February 8th

The Garage
#201-330 Duncan Street
Duncan, BC, Canada
V9L 3W4
(250) 748-7246

Tuesday, February 9th

Joe's Garage
115 5th Street
Courtenay, BC V9N 1J3
Cost: $10/12
(250) 702-6456

Tuesday, February 23rd

Edge 102 Nu Music Night - The Horseshoe Tavern
368 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2A2
(416) 598-4753

Wednesday, February 24th

London Music Club - Front Room
470 Colborne St
London, ON N6B

Monday, March 1st

Zaphod Beeblebrox
27 York Street
Ottawa, ON K1N
(613) 562-1010

Wednesday, March 3rd

Agonquin College
1385 Woodroffe Avenue
Nepean, ON K2G 1V8
(613) 727-0002

Friday, March 5th

London Music Club - Front Room
470 Colborne St
London, ON N6B

Saturday, March 6th

Bayfield Town Hall
Main Street, Bayfield, ON
All Ages/18+

Thursday, March 11th

Paddy Flaherty's Irish Pub
130 Seaway Road, Sarnia, ON
All Ages/18+

March 10-14th

Canadian Music Week

March 17-21

South By South West

(More Ontario dates to follow)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pretending To Be An Actor In Front Of Cameras

I'll never forget my first audition.

Well, the first audition where I got the part.

My *actual* first audition, I totally blew it, and immediately erased it from my memory for all time ;)

Let's get something clear: I have no acting experience, no acting education, no long lost actors in my family tree and no uncle that's a director who's been secretly preparing me for my acting debut.

My first successful audition, the audition where I got the role, was actually my second audition ever. In my life. Ever.

With no education, experience or innate inherited talent, I somehow nailed my second audition and got cast "on the spot" (according to the director).

I'll never forget it.

So many things could have gone wrong...I could have stood on the right hand side, for example, and when the director said "Slate" I would have responded with: "Huh?"

But I didn't. I stood on the left. Someone with experience or education or a great grandma who was in the first "talkies" stood on the right and when they said "Slate" she said "My name is (blah blah blah)".

"Okay," I thought to myself... "Slate means 'Say your name'".

My third audition didn't go so well. I stood on the right. When they said "Slate and Profile" I said "Hi, I'm blah blah blah". Then everyone looked at me, waiting. I looked to my left and thought "Doesn't the person on my left know they're supposed to go "Hi I'm blah blah blah"? Jeeeeez!"

But still...silence.

Then I hear "Ok now Profile".

THEN I go "Huh?" and needless to say, I didn't get that part ;)

The part I *did* get, was the role of a 23 year old mother. My TV daughter, Princess Taea, was dressed up in matching glasses, boots, jeans and sports coat. She was like my own mini me!

Here's a video of us going up the escalator one of one million times:

We filmed in Tinseltown (yes, the movie theater) in Vancouver. I was the first scene of the day. The director was so nice, and I loved every second of it. Within a few hours, it was over, and I was slammed back to reality.

I get a kick out of my life sometimes. I am literally learning how to act in front of cameras. My first "acting" experience has been at auditions, music video shoots and commercial shoots. I realize this makes me a total jerk...there are a lot of people who have spent hundreds, thousands, maybe more, to perfect their craft and pursue their dream. Others have toiled away night after night in community theater groups and every play, production, musical or comedy they could squeeze themselves in to. Me? I just jumped in front of a camera and happened to be standing on the left hand side.

I do feel kind of bad. Audition waiting rooms, you can generally cut the tension with a knife. Every one is likely competing for the same part, so it's really hard to make friends. I swore from the get-go I would never be like that, and have tried to make one new friend per audition (of the 3 auditions and 2 callbacks I've had in my life).

My agent told me that the thing I had going for me was the fact I didn't care. I didn't *need* this job like some kids who have been waiting tables for ten years do. They walk in, and casting directors can smell their fear, the "I Need This" look shines through their best rendition of themselves as someone else.

Me? I see every opportunity as just that...a chance to practice. I don't know what I'm doing, so the best I can do is just pretend I know what I'm doing. By the time I walk in to the audition room I'm already in character haha

In that sense, I'm a total jerk. I waltz in without a care in the world on the premise that this, these auditions...they're just a cheaper way to learn how to act than paying for acting classes ;)