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Friday, October 30, 2009

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Extraordinary Year

A lot of things have beeing goingon behind the scenes that I figured I'd fill you guys in on.

It is starting to occur to me that although 2009 seemed to sometimes move like freakin molasses, I guess technically some pretty super huge things went down.

First and foremost, I got a licensing deal. This is a big deal. A licensing deal means that my music is part of a database of songs and songwriters that get "pitched" to be part of film and/or television shows.

For example, if Grey's Anatomy needs some kind of girl folk singer thing, hey maybe one day they'll use one of my songs. My licensing deal is is with an amazing company that has the rights to such classics as Eye of The Tiger and Low Rider and my "go-to guy" is one of the kindest and most down to earth people working in Beverly hills, I'm sure :) VERY honoured, VERY lucky, and something I've always wanted (more than any record deal or anything that's for sure).

Secondly, I got a manager. Yes, Ms. DIY herself is now, currently, "being managed". This is a huge deal for me as well, for several reasons, one being that it's the first time in my life I'm actually *letting* someone manage my life!!! It takes a huge amount of trust when you come from a world where you do everything yourself, to suddenly just hand it over to someone and hope for the best. I have to say though, I actually genuinely trust my manager. I believe he is a good person, with morals and a solid sense of what is right not only in life, but specifically in my life, and I believe that in any "bizness" dealing, that should come first. I'm so excited to (for once) have some decent help around here, especially cause lately things have been very very hectic. My brand new manager not only has his heart in the right place but he's also (as I'm learning) an exceptional talent when it comes to new innovative perspectives on how to spread the gospel of the Lost Cause. It's been really cool to have someone to bounce ideas off of, another brain behind Lost Records working on the game plan for the coming months. Exciting :)

Third, I got an acting agent! Kind of on a whim (and at the suggestion of several friends and family members) I decided I wanted to get (back in) to acting. Let me be clear, my "experience" consists of: a play I wrote and starred in when I was 12 called "The Avon Lady Goes to The Moon" (in French Immersion, no less), a non-smoking commercial when I was 7, a few Christmas plays and some home videos where my dad would set up the camera and I would act out all the characters of The Little Mermaid, song, dance, and all (I know, you wish you had a copy of that haha).

Of other exciting news, I just got approved for an O-1 work visa. This means I can legally work in the United States and cross the border to play shows, no hassle. Kind of a huge freakin deal, and something that you stress out about a lot when you're in a band. As a side note, the technical name of the visa is "Alien of Extraordinary Ability", which is just hilarious ;)

So that's my year! Coming up, there's talk of playing a charity event in India, the Vancouver Olympics, a new album, some Canadian tour dates and maybe even opening for a few heavy weights. And that's only the beginning...

Random Fact of the Day: My favourite vegan restaurant in Calgary is Buddha's Veggie House and I wish I could Fedex myself some of their veggie ginger beef

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You don't need anyone to make you happy
Just know who you are and what you will always do
If you spent your life alone, following this meandering path, wouldn't that be enough?
Wouldn't it be enough to find your own way?
This world is too big
This life too short
To spend one moment unhappy or one moment regretting anything
I see the triumphs and downfalls in the people around me
Some shackled to the life they've created
Some freed by it
I can't tell you how inspiring it was to have met you

Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving Day

I'm moving. Again! I think this is the 7th time in 17 months. It's very easy when you own mainly only merch. That said...please buy some, I am tired of lifting it ;)

Billy the Kid Shirt in Black

Billy the Kid Shirt in White

Billy the Kid album

Billy and the Lost Boys EP


I have to tell you something quickly that just made me cry...

All week I've been getting messages on my Yogi tea bags that are just so fitting. For example, at one point I thought to myself "that's it...I can never love anyone again..." And just as I thought it, I opened a tea and it read: "Life is a flow of love. Your participation is requested." It made me laugh :)

Some other teas I got this week include: "Life is a chance. Love is infinity. Grace is reality", "let things come to you" (got this on the day Raine approved licensing deal right as I was gonna email him) and "compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy."

It's at the point where I get all excited about the tea, and know it's gonna be perfect for the moment.

Just boiled some water and actually thought out loud "bet ya this will be a good one today..."

Know what it says?

"Live for each other."

I love tea. :)

Random Fact of the Now: I have recently become obsessed with Improv Comedy and I highly recommend you do the same.

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Billy and the Lost Boys Tunes

Extra extra read all about it.

New Billy and the Lost Boys stuff is now up on iTunes.

For those that don't know, Billy and the Lost Boys were the rock band I fronted for many moons that took me all over the country playing my arse off. It was my years with the Lost Boys that started my love for touring, playing live, throwing out the map and finding our own way/staying up all night trying to figure out this crazy world/making fun number one/living like our lives were a long weekend/getting lost just to wind up someplace new AKA THE LOST CAUSE!!! :)

I decided to do an online only release this time around. That said, if you'd like a physical copy or want me to email you the songs, I will set it up so that you can do so on our online store. For now though, check out and pick up your copy of Off The Map :)