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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stan, Anvil, Tofu Scramble

The other day I went to Venice Beach for the first time.

I went to Venice to hang out with a living legend by the name of Stan "The Baron" Behrens. I met Stan (like many of my favourite people on this planet) because of a certain producer named Raine Maida. Raine had already called Randy Cooke and Joe Karnes in to do the session and while recording, we started talking about getting a harmonica player for a couple tracks. Joe recommended Stan, and the rest is history.

Stan grew up in New York and has played with the likes of Willie Dixon, Canned Heat, Ruth Brown...he's even on a Four Tops record! You can also hear him in the T.V. show "My Name Is Earl" (among others). Stan is a supremely talented multi-instrumentalist and we had a blast walking around (and over) the canals of Venice while catching up (the guy has a million amazing stories...and such a sweet man).

Yesterday I wrapped up the last of the electric guitars for the firs batch of Billy and the Lost Boys tunes. I finally owned up to the fact that, left to my own devices, I will take all day to get ONE guitar sound. So, we asked a friend to come in and help for a few hours. Being on the clock and having a little input turned out to be exactly what I needed. I finished everything in about 6 hours and then it was off to see Anvil: The Movie followed by a very special performance by Anvil: The Band! (followed by Tofu Scramble at Swinger's Restaurant. Yum.)

Little Known Fact Day 12: I have been listening to nothing but Ryan Adams records for two months straight

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Brian said...

It's June 3rd right now and I just discovered your music today. I was instantly hooked by such a beautiful voice. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me more beautiful music to listen to in life. You really are an amazing talent, and seem to be an amazing person as well. I can't wait to hear more.


billythekid said...

Wow. Hey Brian. I hope you come back here to see did you end up here, just out of curiosity?
Thanks :)

Brian said...

My brother actually sent me a text yesterday telling me to go to your site because he thought I would really like your music. I'm assuming he found your site because he is a huge Our Lady Peace fan, and he read how Raine was producing you. So that's how I ended up here.

Plus you taking the time to actually ask me a question, that just makes me admire you even more. I mean no artist with your talent, or any artist for that matter has ever just commented on something I have said. So thank you, that's really cool of you.

You're welcome,

Stanley said...

Hey Billy, I just read you blog and what a suprize to see that pic of us on the canal in Venice. Thank you so much for the kind words you said. I think you're the best ever.