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Thursday, May 28, 2009


What is creation?

What does it mean to create something?

For that matter, what's a song? What is your art? How do you know when it's done and what makes you decide it's good enough?

I've had some "technical difficulties" in the midst of creating. I realize this is a necessary evil... a part of the equation when it comes to creation. As humans we strive for fluidity, some sort of cohesiveness to our existence, but the nature of life is the complete opposite. Chaos, unrest, ever-changing and doomed to collapse.

This is the way buddhists see it, at any rate. Don't they seem to have something figured out? Their take on this whole mess of life is that it is the nature of our reality to fall apart. The sooner we accept that, the closer we will be to Nirvana (not the band. ok maybe...eventually).

It's thinking in circles like this that brings me a standstill. I once read that Kerouac and his gang of N'er Do Wells would talk each other in and out of this Stand Still. You start thinking of every thing as equal, fluid, transitional, ever changing and never the same, in the grand scheme of things (technically), inconsequential. Eventually, you cannot help but ask: What is the point?


Or is it?

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears your damn album, was it really worth cutting it down so you could feel better about your life for 19 minutes?

more on this later.

Little known fact day 11: I keep less than 5% of what I write/create

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Anonymous said...

I heard your album...

billythekid said...

haha..thanks :)
was it worth the 5 trees I went through to make it?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. <3

Zimmy said...

what is creation?
-- a crazy friend of mine, named lou cascanette once told me: 'i am bound not to books but that from which the paper is made.' of course, he also told me once that he thought alanis morisette was stalking him.
-- creation is giving someone else a voice. people feel empowered when they have a voice.
-- creation is building your options in one place, instead of diverging on every tangent
-- creation is about being lost. it says so in a duran duran song.
-- i did an album once. my hippie friends hated it & a lot of people liked it. i think about 19 people have ever heard it.
-- i am still working on the 'amelie song' ... but i am DEF recording in october & it is a priority!
-- yes .... it's ME -- crazy billy-fan from magstock!!!!