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Saturday, May 16, 2009

On A Mission

I'm on a mission.

And so help me, I'm gonna do it.

For sometime, I've made plans to "blog".

"Blogging" is something I used to do, mainly on the ol' Billy and the Lost Boys site (see: Tour Diaries) more recently, on the Billy the Kid Myspace page.

Finally, the combination of having an actual website and and actual real live space to write and create, here we are... on a mission.

My mandate for this mission will be twofold, for the time being: First, pulling inspiration from one of my favourite people Adam PW Smith, I will hereby post something, anything, at least once per day.

See, I was hanging out with Adam PW Smith the other day and we got talking about a remarkable thing he does. Adam has a photoblog in which he posts one new photo per day. Yep, one per day.

He was telling me that this process has been very helpful in keeping him motivated as well as inspiring him to go out, see new bands and experience things he might otherwise not have experienced (gotta get that new photo up).

I thought this was an incredible idea and immediately saw how so many unpredictable benefits could come from this.

So, I'm stealing his idea.

Every day I'm going to write something, anything, in hopes that I can get over this surprisingly long bout of writer's block that I've been experiencing. Yep, that's right... I haven't written anything in far too long. The other thing I'm hoping will happen due to this new game plan is to create a dialogue between myself and you reading this. As you will see at the bottom of this post, there is a Comments section. I sincerely hope you will post your comments and, if you have any, questions as well. Anything. I'm making it a priority to respond to everything and everything that you the reader has to say/contribute. Let's all start creating and contributing and remind ourselves, while we sit at these computers, that there are other people in the world that we can converse with about anything and everything, and in the process, perhaps become better, more thoughtful people.

The second goal of all this will be to post something new about myself once per day...something that most people don't know about me. This is for both you and I, to hopefully learn something about me/you and in the process, become better at this "life" thing.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you :)


Daily Something That (Most) People Don't Know About Me:

I skipped grade 5 and to this day believe it was part of some sort of experiment to see what would happen to a totally average kid if you told him/her that he/she was exceptional in some way or another.

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Ryan Dickson said...

Wow, I'm thus far the only person to comment on your all. any rate, I think that this mission of yours is an EXCELLENT idea. How's it been working for killing writer's block?? If it works well I may have to steal this idea from you as well :). Furthermore (I really don't use that word enough) I am, once again, going to pitch the idea that either at some point before I go to Europe or after I come home, you should really really really REALLY come to the West Kootenay (ideally Nelson)...please :(. If you can promise to try at least (lol) I promise that I will personally run around, make phone calls, talk to bands, talk to clubs, basically do whatever you need to make this happen.

I hope this finds you well and still kicking all kinds of awesome :D

billythekid said...

Hey Ryan :) Happy to hear from you. Will you be back in August/September? I think it's high time I paied you a visit. Writing/Creating/Contributing in any sense is, in my opinion, the purpose of existing. You should try it too! :)
No need to run me around...but maybe keep me company? :)

Ryan Dickson said...

Ya I'm getting back around mid-August and you most assuredly should pay me a visit :). Ya I do write every now and again but my bouts with writers block usually last ENTIRELY too long :P. will gladly keep you company during your time here and, given that I've lived in the area for basically all of of my life, I can show you some simply amazing things about the Kootenays that I think you just might love as much as I do :D